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As a full-service repair and maintenance service provider, Bright Orion provides the best Air Conditioning (AC) services in Dubai. From installation to regular maintenance, repair to cleaning, our expert AC technicians does everything maintaining the highest safety standards. Moreover, with fast, effective, and delicate customer service, we have gained a reputation and continue to excel in the service market. Being a service provider we are also a dealer, distributor, and supplier of different brands – General, Super General, Mitsubishi, Gree, LG, and more. When it comes to the type of AC we are experts on, we do all, you just name it. So, be it a simple wall-mount AC or a central AC, Bright Orion is the service provider you should trust.

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Being one of the top AC service providers in Dubai, Bright Orion is on a mission to keep your AC up and running every time you need it. In the scorching hot Dubai weather, AC is a must and we know how to make things right when things are not right for you. Remember, from installation to repair, one mistake can endanger your loved one’s life and it is not a chance you should take. 

As an A-Z AC servicing company, our capacity lies in our well-trained, experienced, and problem-solving team who are dedicated to working in the industry for years and solving people’s problems. So, be it just installation, servicing, or repair, call us at your convenient time, and our team will be there. We inspect, analyze risk, and access requirements and carry forward with the best practices to ensure the best possible outcome – our approach is where we shine.

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